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Sacred time “tuck ins”

If you have kids, you are well aware of the nighttime challenge. It's not like you go into the evening with a refreshed attitude laced with the patience of a saint. Bath, pj's, teeth, books, drink, negotiation, the escape, back in bed, no more negotiation, stern directions, exhaustion on the parent's end, sitting by the... Continue Reading →


I know a whole lot of people. I guess you can say I have a number of acquaintances. Being a past people pleaser and somewhat naive regarding people, there were people, acquaintances I called friend. That has shifted over the years. My tribe is small. Friend requires a more authentic me now. I've lived a... Continue Reading →

Be my Valentine

Love, like, lust. Ahh to be in love , or is it lust, or maybe just like. We've all ventured through the terrain of love, or is it? This wonderful slippery slope of emotion, passion, confusion and sometimes insanity. I don't know that love is the same for everyone. The process of love has as... Continue Reading →


Man oh man, the opinions swirling in our culture. People are opinionated and they feel very attached to those opinions. The energy behind an opinion is strong, passionate, urgent and often suffocating. Well, that's my opinion. One of my intentions this week is to not allow negative energy from "the outside" a place within. I... Continue Reading →

Sustainable days

I get tired. I mean you know, just tuckered out. There are days that my attitude is just that. Some huffs and puffs, deep sighs, pasty eye wipes, lethargic stretches, more deeps sighs and that's all before I get out of bed. I'm not peppy or even positive per say. I'm tired. The cat wanting... Continue Reading →

Daily intentions.

I am not one to be too structured with personal development. I have spent a fair amount of money on daily journals focusing on goals, self development, mindfulness and other aspects of trying to cultivate my best me. I just love the look of those journals. Some are adorned with beautiful warm fuzzy pics. Some... Continue Reading →

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